Our Clients

Quippo Oil and Gas Infrastructure Limited (QOGIL), incorporated in 2005 is a 100% subsidiary of SREI Infrastructure Finance Ltd.- It is India's leading infrastructure project and equipment financing company and is one of the most progressive and leading Asset and Service provider with an international presence, and more than 250 man years of combined experience. It provides onshore contract drilling services utilizing a fleet of state-of-the art land rigs, offering a host of value-added services to its clients.


Jubilant Energy

Quippo has displayed high level of commitment to safety of the personnel, environment, equipment and well control. They have shown good project management skills during initial mobilisation and inter-location-move, through the most challenging area connected by poor roads and weak bridges.


The rig has displayed superior track record of drilling. Quippo has shown good operational performance along with top-level commitment to HSE with minimal down time. The crew provided by Quippo are well trained leading to high quality and serviceability. Higher management of Quippo has also shown excellent commitment by deputing senior level personnel on the rig.